Looking for new fuel alternatives?

The fluidised bed boiler is the heart of the research centre. We can test how the bed reacts with the fuel of your choosing.

Would you like to know how equipment performs in new conditions?

We have an automated runtime data collection system that allows the results to be analysed in real time.

Troublesome corrosion due to fuels or running method?

Our testing will show the cause and speed of the damage mechanism.

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A complete test environment at your disposal

Our test environment allows for easy and affordable testing where we take on all the risks.

Diverse opportunities

We research and test issues related to the burning, material corrosion, emissions and emission control of recovered fuels, wood chips, peat and pyrolysis oil.

Know your product

Our comprehensive test results will give you new information about the properties of your product, enhancing your development.

Training on demand

The Energy Research Centre is used for basic and continued training in energy technology and can serve as a learning environment for tailored corporate training.

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Services for Businesses

Savonia University of Applied Sciences professionals and students offer support for businesses in co-operation with a network of experts. Offered services are among others training, education, research, development, innovation, testing and laboratory services.

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